How to Install an Electrical Outlet Receptacle Installing or fixing an electrical outlet can be a very easy job when it involves the simple replacement of an existing receptacle, but it can be a bit more difficult if it involves running a new circuit from the main service panel or extending an existing circuit. The following instructions show how to connect the receptacle when the electrical box has already been installed and when the necessary NM electrical cables have been run in the wall cavities. Bend a half-moon and wrap the black wire clockwise around the brass-colored screw.The white wire is next and it is attached similarly, only to the silver-colored screw.The bare copper wire connects to the green screw.Tuck the wires into the box and screw the outlet into the box. Install the cover plate and you're finished with this outlet. Wire the New Electrical Outlet. Mount the new box in the opening. Connect the new wires to the new outlet: white (neutral) wire to a silver-colored terminal screw; black (hot) wire to a gold-colored terminal screw; bare wire to the green grounding screw. Make sure the cable sheath remains secured inside the box.